Personnel Management
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Report - Personnel

Click on “Report” button on left side of Main Menu (see Figure 20)

Figure 20 – H.A. Report Screen

Click on “Usage for Doctor” to view a report that shows Doctor information, Camera used, the duration, and the period in which they accessed the JEMS Consult (see Figure 21)

Figure 21 – H.A. Usage for Doctor

To do a search for specific time:

Click inside the box next to “Start Time”, a calendar will appear, select the start date you wish to report on (see Figure 22)

Figure 22 – H.A. Search Start

Click inside the box next to “End Time”, again select the end date (see Figure 23)

Figure 23 – H.A. Search End

Press the “Search” button to get the results of your report for selected timeframe (see Figure 24)

Figure 24 – H.A. Search Results

To see a Personnel Summary Click “Hospital Personnel Summary”. Display of all personnel for that hospital will be displayed (see Figure 25).

Figure 25 – H.A. Hospital Personnel Summary