Doctor Management
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Adding a Doctor Account (see Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Add Doctor Screen

Click “Add” button

Enter new Account ID (see Standard Conventions section for naming convention – Figure 8)

Figure 8 - New Doctor Information Screen

Press the tab key, or click in the field in which you wish to enter information

Type in password (see Standard Conventions section)

Type in Doctor’s preferred first name

Type in Doctor’s last name

Type in Doctor’s phone number - Use format of 999-999-9999

Type in Doctor’s address (optional)

Use address line 2 for additional address information (optional)

Type in Doctor’s city (optional)

Type in Doctor’s state (optional)

Type in Doctor’s zip code (optional)

Click on “Save” button to save or click on “Cancel” button to ignore changes

Note: After clicking save or cancel, the main Doctor Management screen will appear (Figure 7). To add more doctors or manage personnel, see Section “Personnel Management”

Searching for a Doctor (see Figure 9)

Note: Use only when there are more than 10 doctors per screen

Type in Doctor’s Account ID, First Name or Last Name in the Search field

Figure 9 - Doctor Search Screen

Click “Search” button to complete the search (see Figure 10)

Figure 10 - Doctor Search Results Screen

Click on Account ID to make changes or to view information

Deleting a Doctor Account

Use Search or click on Account ID to be deleted

Click “Delete” button to delete (see Figure 11)

Figure 11 - Delete Doctor Screen

Click “OK” button to confirm deletion; otherwise Click “Cancel” (see Figure 12)

Figure 12 - Delete Doctor Confirmation Screen

Note: After clicking “OK”, the main Doctor Management screen will be displayed (see Figure 7)

Updating a Doctor Account

Use Search or click on Account ID to be updated

Click on field to be changed (see Figure 13)

Figure 13 - Update Doctor Screen

Enter new information

Click “Update” button to be taken back to the main Doctor Management screen (see Figure 7)