Manage Video Servers
Click here to watch Video Click here to watch Video

Click “Manage Video Servers” button on left side under Main Menu (See Figure 3)

Figure 3 - Manage Servers

Click on the name of the video server you wish to manage, or use the search feature (Figure 3, center screen)

The video capture servers have been set up and preconfigured for each organization’s account

To start a JEMS Consult™ (see Figure 4)

Figure 4 - Manage Video Servers

Click “Please Select” field or down arrow button (in field called “Send JEMS Consult To”)

Click on receiver’s name

Click “Please Select” field or down arrow button (in section called “Consult To Stream”)

Click on camera to be viewed

Click “Start Feed” button – Figure 5 will be the next screen displayed

Figure 5 - Change or Stop Feed Screen

Click “Stop Feed” button when receiver has finished viewing the live feed

Click “OK” button to confirm the stop feed (see Figure 6)

Figure 6 - Stop Feed Confirmation Screen

The default time-out for live feed to stop is set to 10 minutes, at which time the feed will automatically stop

Change camera view (see Figure 5)

Click “Change Camera” button to change to another camera view

This will go back to “Manage Video Servers” screen (see Figure 4)

Repeat as necessary