PureEdge Form

Industry Notice 10/19/2009: New Version 3.1DSP-61 PureEdge Form

This notice is to advise that DTrade 2 has recently undertaken a review of the current version 3.0 DSP-61 PureEdge form. The purpose of the review was to clarify and resolve the issues related to Block 20 - Foreign Intermediate Consignee which allows users to include additional parties on the form. The Add feature display included 12 separate Name and Address blocks all of which were not functional.

The new form version 3.1 corrects this problem with the 12 Name and Address blocks now being active.


To comply, Industry is strongly encouraged to download and utilize the version 3.1 DSP-61 PureEdge form.


The implementation date for the new form is 23 October 2009.

To allow sufficient time for the reissue of the form, there will be a phase in period where Industry can review and test the functionality of the revised requirements until 23 October 2009.

The following URL accesses the Test server Once you access the site, please download the DSP-61 form and Release Notes; ReleaseNotes_DT2Forms.doc.


All inquiries regarding the new DSP-61 form requirements should be directed to:

Kwaku Pipim
(desk) 202 663 2282

Kathryn Wilderotter
(desk) 202 261 8598