D-Trade 2 Document Upload Instructions for Licenses, Addition (1-25-10)

Concerning the upload of documents to the D-Trade 2 system for licenses, applicants should immediately implement the following changes.

1) To facilitate the technical review of the submission, all files to be uploaded to D-Trade 2 in support of a license request must use file names that are descriptive in nature. The review of your submission may otherwise be significantly delayed. Do not attach multiple copies of an attachment under different file names.

Example: The file name of a technical drawing for the F-4 forward fuselage should be identified as “F-4 Forward Fuselage Drwg No 12345.pdf” (not simply labeled as “technical data.pdf”).

2) If Microsoft Word documents must be uploaded, the documents must be saved in the Word 97-2003 Document format with the “.doc” extension. Some government agencies have not upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and are unable to open documents with the “.docx” extension.

3) The submission must be less than 35MB. Uploading a file greater than 35MB will seriously delay the review of your submission.